Rupawahini Chanel Eye Nethra TV Live program (தமிழ்)

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Vasantham TV programme (September 2011) (தமிழ்)

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Vasantham TV Programme (தமிழ்)

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OSILMO Autism Village







In the long term we hope to provide a holistic environment with facilities providing for

Religious observances and surroundings.
Developing Sporting –

eg: –

  • swimming pool,
  • indoor and outdoor games.
  • Library facilities.
  • Educational facilities providing in our autistic school.
  • Introducing Computer Programs.
  • Providing suitable occupational opportunities.
  • Medical facilities.


News for you…

If I or you can be able to guide to the parents who have faced to an un stoppable struggle with Autistic children….
What a dedication will you do as a mother when breading a child?
What a terrible life will you spend as a father to grow your child well?
In all those dedications, hardworking indicate us that the parents want to give a good and a bright life for their children. What kind of dedication will they do for it? We won’t be able to guest the reason for it.
How happy the parents are when they have healthy and intelligent children?
Parents have a dream world about the future of their children. Actually they have lot of hopes about their future.
Although children were born as normal children, some beautiful innocent sweet children have been growing with an unusual behavior. These children couldn’t be able to understand the society and the environment.
They couldn’t understand and identify the persons. They have no ideas about the time. Their talks have been disappeared. Actually what happened for them? What happened to their children’s world? Who has stolen it? It is a trouble to the world. These children’s beautiful world has been stolen by a demon which calls Autism. Read More