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Look into their eyes you’ll see the tears not come out……..
drying in their hearts
you’ll be able to find
an unbelievable disny….
Light the lamp
One day….
They’ll see us
through the rays of the light
that you lighted today…
At “OSILMO” Facilities for the Autistic children are not sufficient .It is not possible for us to provide services for a lot of autistic children . OSILMO serves all children island wide.Even from point pedro (Jaffna) to dewandra pedro .without caring the race the creed and the caste.
Our aim is to provide accommodation for  autistic children by building up a OSILMO Autism Village and develop autistic children in to normal children.
We autistic children expect to receive,
your Compulsion
your Empathy
your mercy and much more than anything else your acceptance.
Could you fly in your mind one way then you could respond to as a philanthropists.
Asking your support
Demand your support
Requesting your support
Join with us…

If you like to contribute any support to OSILMO please do not hesitate to contact us…


Tel:  94 11 2545114,

94 71 4204250,

94 71 430724.


Bank Details

Account Name : Osilmo Special Education & Research Center

for Autistic Children.

Account No:  014210000470


Bank Name:  Sampath Bank PLC

Bank Branch:  Boralesgamuwa. 

Bank Address:  

No. 192, Kesbewa Road,


Sri Lanka

News for you …

News for you …

If I or you can be able to guide to the parents who have faced to an un stoppable struggle with Autistic children ….
What a dedication will you do as a mother when breading a child?
What a terrible life will you spend as a father to grow your child well?
In all those dedications, hardworking indicate us that the parents want to give a good and a bright life for their children. What kind of dedication will they do for it? We won’t be able to guest the reason for it.
How happy the parents are when they have healthy and intelligent children?
Parents have a dream world about the future of their children. Actually they have lot of hopes about their future.
Although children were born as normal children, some beautiful innocent sweet children have been growing with an unusual behavior. These children couldn’t be able to understand the society and the environment.
They couldn’t understand and identify the persons. They have no ideas about the time. Their talks have been disappeared. Actually what happened for them? What happened to their children’s world? Who has stolen it? It is a trouble to the world. These children’s beautiful world has been stolen by a demon which calls Autism.
The autism has destroyed their child hood and nowadays the autism tries to destroy their today’s world and tomorrow’s world. The parents who have healthy and intelligent children may not have any feeling of the Autistic children and the parent’s pain and feelings.
The people who are owned to different religions nationalities and the races couldn’t be able to say who will breed an Autistic child?
Actually who knows about the parents who have the Autistic children?
Actually, the parents who have attended with Autistic children regularly don’t think about their difficulties that they face. When they spend their life with Autistic children they never think their child is a trouble to them. Only they want to protect their child from Autism and protect their lives. The OSILMO Special Education & Research Center for Autistic Children explains it through the experience of the parents suffering and the pain.
Today’s society also is not considered about the parents who have Autistic children and the Autistic children. Because they don’t know the fire of the parents that burning in their hearts, the society also has pressed the parents and the Autistic children.
• Can’t an Autistic child gather with other children?
• Can’t an Autistic child go to school?
• Can they go to temple, church, Kovil or any other common place?
• Does an Autistic child have a right to go to place?
Through the experience of the parents they ask “Is my Autistic child a trouble to the society?” “Does the society hate the autistic child?” The persons who are suffering from above problems try to keep this matter as a secret. It is the reason that can’t identify the autistic child.
What shall we do for the children who are suffering from Autism?
If we have an Autistic child we may understand the pain of the parents who have Autistic children. But if they have not Autistic children how do the parents understand the pain of the parents who have Autistic children?
But the kind hearted people can understand about this pain of the parents who have the Autistic children, although they hadn’t Autistic children.
There are few people who have kind hearts who help others in their pains and difficulties in this world.
The parents are suffering from pain when they have Autistic children.
These feeling are very sensitive and sad. They think it is the worst word in the world. They think it is the bad situation that they have faced. They won’t be able to think about the ways that their children live in future.
Don’t afraid for the autism
OSILMO team has already started to help your Autistic children our main vision and the purpose are to challenge the demon of autism so we already have stepped for it to go a long journey with Autistic children. The parents of the Autistic children should give your dedication and the support for us for a better service.
In this situation you should have the patient, tolerance, kindness, Affection and the dedication as the parents of the Autistic children to prevent your child from the autism. If you followed above qualities you can challenge to the autism.

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